‘Let us Scottish ‘expats’ vote on independence’ | A. Miller- The Guardian

‘Let us Scottish ‘expats’ vote on independence’ | A. Miller- The Guardian

Like many recession-era graduates, I made the move south of the border where the employment pickings were richer, and the majority of my Scottish friends have done similarly. Despite being away for just a couple of years, we will miss out on a decision that could result in the Scotland we return to being vastly different from the Scotland we left.

There is an uncomfortable feeling that the referendum plans are being made to try to give the yes vote the best possible chance rather than offering a genuine choice. It follows that Scots living in other parts of Britain could be more likely to see the benefit of the union and thus vote no. Meanwhile, support for independence was thought to be stronger among young Scots and SNP–backed legislation is under way to allow 16-year-olds to vote – although this isn’t quite working out as planned: a study released last month found that only one in five teenagers is planning to vote yes. At the moment you retain eligibility to vote in Westminster (but not Holyrood) elections for 15 years after you were last on the electoral roll and with amendments this could provide the basis for a solution.


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