‘Scottish nationalism and identity; Austerity’ | BBC- Thinking Allowed


Does Austerity Kill? Laurie Taylor talks to political economist, David Stuckler, about the human costs of the financial crisis as documented in his book ‘The Body Economic’ (co-authored with Sanju Basu) -the culmination of ten years research. They’re joined by David Smith, Economics Editor of the Sunday Times.

We’re well aware of the extreme costs of banking crisis in terms of the wealth of nations, but much less idea of how they affect one of the most central issues of all: our physical and mental health. Why has health in Iceland actually got better whilst it’s deteriorated in Greece? From the Great Depression of the 1930s to post communist Russia and the US foreclosure scandal; Dr Stuckler study examines the surprising, seemingly contradictory nature of economic disasters’ role in public health. They are joined by David Smith Economic Editor of the Sunday Times.

Also, Nasar Meer discusses his study into ethnic minority Scots’ relationship to Scottish Nationalism and identity


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