‘A Time For Troublemakers’ | R. Aitchison- National Collective

‘A Time For Troublemakers’ | R. Aitchison- National Collective

At its most fundamental level the question on offer to Scotland next year is whether it wishes to project itself as an independent nation or a region within a dysfunctionally devolved United Kingdom. The basic aspects of nationhood lie in its citizens willingness to coalesce around a shared identity, as outlined by Ernest Renan in his seminal work, What is a Nation? (1882). His description of a ‘spiritual principle’ as a first test of a nation can be applied to and answered successfully by the contemporary United Kingdom, with a common will shown by our ancestors to act decisively together based on shared ideology. This is of course not always positive and is embroiled with issues of colonialism and empire but was undertaken with Scots equally culpable in the carrying out of shared policies. However it is upon Renan’s second test, the will to continue to share ideals, which the future continuity of the United Kingdom fails to provide comfort for many in Scotland. Today Scottish society shows unity on its will to protect its health service and universalism whilst the Westminster ideological path of all political colours drift towards continued austerity and insular Euroscepticism.


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