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Core Reading

Calhoun, C. (1992) Habermas and the Public Sphere. Mass; London: MIT Press

Herman, E.S. & Chomsky, N. (1994) Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media. London: Vintage Books


Public Opinion

Beniger, J.R. (1992) ‘The Impact of Polling on Public Opinion: Reconciling Foucault, Habermas, and Bourdieu’, International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 4, 3: 204

Herbst, S. (1992) ‘Surveys in the Public Sphere: Applying Bourdieu’s critique of opinion polls’, International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 4, 3: 220


Political Branding

Lilleker, D.G., Jackson, N.A. & Scullion, R. (Eds.) (2006) The Marketing of Political Parties. Manchester: Manchester University Press


Political Rhetoric (Political Image)

The Independent (2008) ‘The art of oratory- A new America: The victory speech‘, 09/11/08, pg. 28


Party Political Advertising

Scammell, M. & Ines Langer, A. (2006) ‘Political Advertising in the United Kingdom’ in L.L. Kaid’s & C. Holtz-Bacha’s (Eds.) The SAGE Handbook of Political Advertising. Thousand Oaks, California; London; New Delhi: SAGE



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