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”Our Beeb’: The Future of the BBC’openDemocracy

  • openDemocracy blog with articles relating to the BBC.

Nick Davies & ‘Phone Hacking’

  • Nick Davies commenting upon the British press (before the 2011/12 ‘phone hacking’ scandal).  Clip taken from Charlie Brooker’s newswipe.

Pressure Groups, Government and MPs

  • This radio interview explores the relationship between MPs and pressure groups.  When listening to the interview try to note which techniques the pressure groups used.

‘Political Spin: politicians, journalists and spin doctors’

  • Interviews with Alistair Campbell and Guto Harri (former BBC political correspondent and now spin doctor for Mayor of London, Boris Johnson).  When watching the video try to take notes on the relationship between the media, politicians and spin doctors.  Who has more power in constructing the news agenda?

Adam Curtis ‘The Century of the Self’

  • Part four takes a closer look at the role of ‘political spin’.

Jonathan Gabay and 2010 Conservative Election Poster Campaign

  • Jonathan Gabay discussing the 2010 Tory election poster campaign.  Contrast this campaign with previous elections.

Branding and Political Parties

  • This video explores the relationship between product-marketing and the branding of political parties.  The references at the beginning of the video can provide further reading.

Selling the Brand

  • A video discussing the role of party political advertising in British politics.

President Barak Obama’s 2008 Election Speech  

Party Political Advertis

Viral Video’s

BBC (2013) ‘European court upholds UK political advert ban

  • Article relating to the decision by the European Court of Human Rights to ban ‘U.S. style’ political advertising in the U.K.

Rentoul, J. (2013) ‘Political Ads on TV: As you were

  • Summary of the European Court of Human Rights press release (original press release link included).

BBC Annual Report & Accounts 2011/12 ‘BBC Parliament

  • Performance figures for the BBC’s services.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see BBC Parliament (‘Journalism and national and local radio services’).

Social Media and the changing nature of collective action

  • Jamie Bartlett examines how new social media is altering how the public engage with political parties.

Public Service Journalism and Twitter

  • Charlie Beckett’s summary of Nadja Hahn’s work on the use of twitter for public service journalism.

Social Media and Political communication      Extended post

  • Charlie Beckett examines how ‘conventional trends’ within the communication of politics have become more successful in recent years.