Seminar News Articles

Group 1 (11:00-12:00pm)

Week 2: ‘MPs set to investigate Guardian’s involvement in Snowden leaks’The Guardian

Week 3: ‘Prince George Alexander Louis: Royal baby’s name unveiled’The Telegraph

Week 4: ‘UK death toll mounts as St Jude storm leaves trail of destruction’The Guardian

Group 2 (1:00-2:00pm)

Week 2: ‘Obesity grips Australia: research shows 40% of adults are dangerously fat’The Guardian

Week 3: ‘Tesco says almost 30,000 tonnes of food ‘wasted”BBC

Week 4: ‘Apple profits decline despite iPhone sales boost’BBC

Group 3 (2:00-3:00pm)

Week 2: ‘I’ve had a roasting, says Celebrity baker’The Times

Week 3: ‘George Osborne opens doors to rich Chinese with new visa system’The Guardian

Week 4: ‘Worst storm in years: St Jude gets ready to unleash a ‘trail of destruction’, Metro

Group 4 (3:00-4:00pm)

Week 2: ‘Just minutes from saving Maddie: 10pm sighting suggests mother almost caught kidnapper in the act’The Daily Mail

Week 3: ‘Shocking CCTV video shows brutal attack on American student on only his THIRD day in the UK’Daily Mirror

Week 4: ‘Cop shoots himself after lover’s affair with his pal’Daily Mirror